Custom Car Light Kits That Express Your Dazzling Style

Custom car lighting is fast becoming a trend nowadays because of its efficiency and unmatched brightness compared to factory lights. It also transforms your vehicle to look flashier than before. These lights will improve your car's signals, aesthetics, or visibility to fit your style or personality.

Car Audio Phoenix is the best option in Phoenix when it comes to the installation of car lights and other relevant customizations. Our professional car custom specialists are highly trained in automotive electrical wiring, car lights, and more! Our one-stop shop offers all the car lights and accessories you need so you don’t have to unnecessarily jump from one store to another.

Make the SOUND CHOICE, Choose Car Audio Phoenix

Highly-Experienced Technicians - Our qualified technicians have over 20 to 30 years of experience in car customization and installation. We ensure they exceed installation standards because we believe you deserve only the best. Trust in them to get any light customization done well and quickly.

Custom Modification Experts - Work with our team of car custom experts to install car lights the way you want them. They can also fix or improve poorly-installed lighting systems done by previous technicians.

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Custom installs

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High-Quality Accessories - Our one-stop-shop offers everything you need when it comes to the finest car lights and accessories. We have the latest, trendy, and powerful products to suit any of your lighting customization needs.

Unmatched Customer Service - We pride ourselves on the excellent customer service experience we deliver. It is as powerful as the dazzling car light installations we promise. Car Audio Phoenix strives for custom automotive lighting that exceeds your expectations.

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Put Your Car in the Limelight

Lighting upgrades not only give your ride a visually appealing look but also improve road visibility for you and other motorists. We can provide you with light kits that outperform and has a superior appearance than packages from other service providers. Our experienced custom light technicians will help design a plan for you.

Light the Road on Fire As You Ride

Every vehicle may be different but the options for custom lighting are limitless. We can help you achieve the desired car lights for your car, motorcycle, truck, van, or any other ride. Make your ride stand out from the crowd with the lighting customization you have always envisioned.

Lighting Upgrades for Work or Play

Make your ride optimized for either work or play with automotive lighting modifications. Whether you are looking for better visuals or want more safety lights, we offer the finest parts and customization to install for your vehicle. Ride into the night with brighter, more colorful lights that express your unique style and keep you safe.

One-Stop Shop for Premium Parts and Accessories

Deliver the soundtrack of your ride with our four-wheeler audio systems,  components, and accessories. Find them only from our one-stop shop, the most comprehensive in the Valley. Additionally, we have unparalleled expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to install or customize music entertainment systems for your beloved SXS.

Call (602) 483-4547 so you can immediately work with our technicians to bring your car lights to futuristic levels.

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